Peyton's Transcript of the TV Guide April 2000 Chat with Vicky Pratt

OnlineHost: TVG Pratt has entered the room.
TVGLive3: Joining us right now is actress, Victoria Pratt from Cleopatra 2525.
TVG Pratt: Hi everybody!
TVG Pratt: I'm happy to be chatting with you today!
Question: You were a guest at the Pasadena Convention, and handled it all quite well for a first timer. How do you feel about all the fan adoration?
TVG Pratt: Are you kidding?!?!?!
TVG Pratt: It was a blast! I had a lot of fun...
TVG Pratt: I've done a lot of fitnbess conventions.. but it was fun to be at a convention that was about TV, about acting...
TVG Pratt: We were just thrilled that it was received so well, because we're really proud of the show
Question: How did the idea for Cleopatra 2525 come about?
TVG Pratt: Yunno, you'd have to crawl inside the producers head...
TVG AngeI: Any Robert Picardo fans still hanging around?
Question: Hi Victoria, Adam here... how hard is it to film a show like
Question: "Cleopatra 2525" where you have to act out a lot of things where all
Question: the special effects are only added later, in postproduction?
TVG Pratt: It's really hard. We've been lucky to have great directors to work with
TVG Pratt: In the beginning, it was really tough -- but now we've seen it on TV
Question: Vicky, Sarge seems to be the favorite character. . Is there
Question: anything you would like to see her do?
TVG Pratt: It's a family show!
TVG Pratt: :)
TVG Pratt: I'm glad that you like Sarge!
TVG Pratt: I'm having a fun time playing the character!
TVG Pratt: I want Sarge to experience everything...
TVG Pratt: There's an episode coming up where Sarge falls in love, and Sarge is
TVG Pratt: probably the last person in the world who falls in love!
TVG Pratt: I especially loved the "Run, Cleo, Run" episode, because I got to
TVG Pratt: run full out! You don't usually get to do that...
Question: I saw Musclemag has you listed for possible autograph appearances, will
Question: you be able to make any of the dates? or don't you know yet?
TVG Pratt: It's hard for me to do the fitness appearances now, because we spend half the year in NZ
TVG Pratt: I may try to squeeze in a photoshoot for Oxygen,
TVG Pratt: but the appearances are getting harder and harder
Question: I loved you in Once a Thief! Whatever happened to that show?
TVG Pratt: You're asking the wrong person!
TVG Pratt: I loved that show too! I had a blast playing Jackie!
TVG Pratt: I was really disappointed when it didn't get picked up!
TVG Pratt: I don't know if Canada was ready for something like that...
TVG Pratt: Not enough Mounties?
Question: you said you will be appearing in an Episode of First Wave (in your
Question: last online chat) Can you tell us when it will air? or maybe the title
Question: of it, or a hint what it is about? So we can program our VCRs ahead of time :-)
TVG Pratt: I have no idea when it will air
TVG Pratt: And I don't know what the eopisode is called!!!
TVG Pratt: But I know I did it!!!!
TVG Pratt: I played two characters on the show... but I don't know when it will be on...
TVG Pratt: But I had to do a smoochie smoochie scene in it!
Question: How often do you excersise to keep in shape and do you limit what you eat?
Peyton01: (5) I hope not another WIT insodent
TVG Pratt: I'm a workout freak! I love to train!
TVG Pratt: I workout almost every day!
TVG Pratt: When I'm at home here in LA, I do kickboxing maybe four
TVG Pratt: or five times a week
TVG Pratt: In NZ, I just try to hold on!
TVG Pratt: I don't believe in dieting!
Peyton01: (5) YAY!!!
TVG Pratt: I just eat a healthy diet all year round!
TVG Pratt: It's not hard when you make it part of your lifestyle, as I have done.
Question: are the cotumes uncomftable?
TVG Pratt: Honey, you have no idea!!!
TVG Pratt: I don't know if you remember "Mind Games"...
TVG Pratt: I'm alergic to metal... and I don't know if you remember my costume...
TVG Pratt: but they had to plate it in silver so I don't get a rash!!!
TVG Pratt: Our every day hero costumes aren't too bad...
TVG Pratt: But you wear anything for fourteen or fifteen hours, and it gets uncomfortable
TVG Pratt: We think there should be a level underground where everyone wears TVG Pratt: FLANNEL
TVG Pratt: Rob won't go for it; he says cotton isn't sexy...
Question: When you were on Xena how did you keep warm in those clothes?
Question: Isn't winter in New Zealand when you're doing the show/
TVG Pratt: There is NO keeping warm in those costumes!
Question: Vicky, In Pasadena, after I (Tess) shocked you with the costume, you
Question: really plugged kickboxing as a great overall workout. Are you training
Question: in Muay Thai, Sanshou or general aerobix kickboxing?
TVG Pratt: I studied shotokan karate for a while...
TVG Pratt: Now, I just practice geenral kickboxiing and some savata
TVG Pratt: (a french form that includes very graceful kicks)
TVG Pratt: Mostly I just enjoy beating things
TVG Pratt: I love it!!!
Question: Hi Vicky I'ts Larissa, I would like to know what 165 Series, V3
Question: terminated means? it is listed under Sarge's profile on the Officialv Question: site. ANy clue? does that mean Sarge isn't quite Human or what?v TVG Pratt: Hey, Larissa!v TVG Pratt: Sarge is VERY human...
TVG Pratt: I know there's talk that that I'm part robot, but I'm not..
TVG Pratt: I have a special vision implant, but I'm very human...
Question: Vicky, (your goofy webhead here), in
Question: for the role of Jackie Janczyk, did you spend alot of hours making
Question: faces in the mirror and sneering back and forth at Sandrine or did that
Question: just come naturally?
TVG Pratt: Our characters ont eh show were supposed to despise each other...
TVG Pratt: The writers made it very easy to deliver it that way
TVG Pratt: I don't know why I get cast in these hardass roles
TVG Pratt: I'm actually a bit of a wing nut
TVG Pratt: :)
Question: How close is Sarge to your own personality?
TVG Pratt: We share some similarities
TVG Pratt: We're both tough.. we both like to win...
TVG Pratt: We're both passionate
TVG Pratt: and we refuse to be victims
TVG Pratt: But I personally have had a better life than Sarge
TVG Pratt: Sarge's whole world fell apart around her
TVG Pratt: and that's what makes her as hard as she is
Question: Vicky, (Tess, the Sarge costume dork here)... You've said your outside
Question: interests are reading and writing. What books are you currentlyv Question: reading and what kinds of things are you writing? Books, poetry,
Question: tv/film scripts, essays?
TVG Pratt: I'm writing a couple of scripts, which I can't discuss...
TVG Pratt: And I'm reading an excellent book called "Maori"
TVG Pratt: It's a historical fantasy about the colonization of New Zealand
TVG Pratt: It was written by Alan Dean Foster
TVG Pratt: The other book I'm wqriting is about the architecteure of John Lautner
Question: Vicky, (Tess in your/my costume here), every time you hit a milestone
Question: you seem to set new goals. In 1997 you said you wanted to be a female
Question: action hero. Now that you've hit that, what are your future
Question: aspirations? Directing? Producing?
TVG Pratt: I'm enjoying acting!
TVG Pratt: I want to do some more good projects that I can be proud of!
TVG Pratt: My next goal that doesn't include acting is to get one of my scripts
TVG Pratt: up and running
TVG Pratt: That'll be a challenge!!!
TVG Pratt: By the way, thanks for watching my career move along!
Question: Hi Victoria, Adam here... how do you keep from getting homesick while
Question: away filming the series?
TVG Pratt: I bring 'em over!!!
TVG Pratt: I brough my folks over to NZ... they LOVED it!
TVG Pratt: They loved the country, and they loved coming to set!
TVG Pratt: THey loved watching their baby kicking mutant butt!
TVG Pratt: They were there I had to shoot the strip scene from "Run Cleo Run"
TVG Pratt: I wish they hadn't seen it -- but that's another day at the office!
Question: How Can Your Fans get in touch with you?
TVG Pratt: It's actually hard now...
TVG Pratt: The address on the web is for my fitness stuff...
TVG Pratt: Sometimes it's hard for me to get my mail...
TVG Pratt: I don't have an official website
TVG Pratt: There is an official website for "Cleopatra 2525"
TVG Pratt: and a wonderful woman who I had the pleasure of meeting in Pasadena
TVG Pratt: Has a website
TVG Pratt: I think if people wanted to get in touch with me, they could send it to the studio
TVG Pratt: and mail would be forwarded to me in NZ
Question: What happened to Lily (Sarge's sister)? The two make up, jump down
Question: into the shaft and then absolutely nothing? Perhaps she'll reappear
Question: in another ep?
TVG Pratt: I don't know what happened to Lily
TVG Pratt: She must have slipped!!!
TVG Pratt: I think they may bring her back...
TVG Pratt: although I believe she has her own show now in NZ called "Street Legal"
TVG Pratt: Right now it's probably a scheduling thing...
TVG Pratt: And she probably won't come back if they make her wear a wicker dress...
TVG Pratt: !!!!
TVG Pratt: :)
Question: Hi Vicky, lariss again.We know Sarge's parent's were taken and turned
Question: into Betrayers, is there a chance we will see her "evil betrayer"
Question: parents? make a cool episode and great character developemnt for Sarge
Peyton01: (5) mine!!!
TVG Pratt: Don't you think Sarge has enough problems?
TVG Pratt: I actually hadn't thought of that, but it would make a great story...
TVG Pratt: No doubt Sarge would love dealing with that situation...
TVG Pratt: You saw how she welcomed her sister...
Question: Vicky, in a scene of Legacy where Ding is at the bar, a fly lands on
Question: your head and you made a funny face at the camera. Was that a blooper
Question: that they decided later to leave in because you did such a funny face
Question: of frustration?
TVG Pratt: Manila, where the film was shot, was SO HOT
TVG Pratt: Flies are just part of the set dressing...
TVG Pratt: and you work with them...
TVG Pratt: like you would another actor!!!!
TVG Pratt: If a fly lands on your nose in Manila, you get it the hell off!
Question: Do your own stunts?v TVG Pratt: I do a lot of my own stunts, yeah.v TVG Pratt: Gina and I went down early to train with the stuntmen
TVG Pratt: We did a lot of harness training...
TVG Pratt: Getting used to spins, flips, walking on walls.
TVG Pratt: You know.. the usual
Question: Hi Victoria, Adam here... how's the catering in New Zealand, do you
Question: miss North American cuisine?
TVG Pratt: Yunno... everyday I get them to make me steamed chicken and stemed
TVG Pratt: vegetables.
TVG Pratt: It tastes as good there as it does there
TVG Pratt: I do have to bring over my own low-fat popcorn (Orville Redenbacher)
TVG Pratt: and METRIX shakes
TVG Pratt: and red licorice (Twizzlers or red vines)
TVG Pratt: Anyone who wants to be my friend -- send me some when I'm in NZ!!!
TVG Pratt: Poeple brought me licorice at Pasadena -- it was really nice...
Question: We know that Cleo has been renewed for a second season. What about a
Question: third season and is there a possibility of expanding to a one hour
Question: show once Xena goes off the air after it's 6th season?
TVG Pratt: We haven't even been told about season 2!
TVG Pratt: Do you have an inside scoop?!?!?!
TVG Pratt: As for the hour...
TVG Pratt: We all like the half-hour format
TVG Pratt: And it gives us time to work on other projects, which is cool, too...
Question: It is nice to see three strong female characters on a show. Do you
Question: think Xena paved the way for your show?
TVG Pratt: Of course!!!
TVG Pratt: Xena was groundbreaking!
Question: Hey how are the pigs? (from the Queen Piglet of the Pasadena
Question: Convention )
TVG Pratt: They're grand, thank you for asking..
Question: Any spoilers for upcoming episodes?
TVG Pratt: We haven't seen any scripts for the next eight episodes.. so sorry...
TVG Pratt: Oh, wait...
TVG Pratt: There's the one where I fall in love...
TVG Pratt: that was fun...
TVG Pratt: I can tell you some interest in the costumes for Hell and
Highwater I&II
TVG Pratt: but there will be no metal.. because I have enough problems!!!
TVGLive3: Thanks for chatting with us tonight, Victoria.
TVG Pratt: I want to thank everyone for tuning in.,..
TVG Pratt: and thanks for the incredible response to the show...
TVG Pratt: We're having a lot of fun doing it..
TVG Pratt: and it means a lot to us that you enjoy it
TVG Pratt: So everyone have a wonderful weekend
TVG Pratt: and I hope we can chat again soon!!!
TVGLive3: You can find Victoria every week in syndication on Cleopatra 2525.
OnlineHost: TVG Pratt has left the room.