Character List

Main characters available:

Jason (of the Argonauts)
The Sovereign

Through the seasons of X:WP and H:TLJ, the show has had many guest stars. You are welcome to play any one of them. These are just some suggestions for main characters that are available.

Gods / Immortals available:


If only X:WP and H:TLJ featured all the gods. But that could not be possible. Feel free to be any other immortal then what is listed above.

Characters Playing

Main Characters:

Xena played by Becky Dunne

Gabrielle played by Carri

Joxer the Mighty played by August Krickel

Caesar, Julius Caesar played by Carri

Hercules played by Claire

Autolycus played by Martin Tucker

Nebula played by Lori W. Bush

Glyphera played by C. Kamin

Meg played by Joxette

Amarise played by Rachel Busken

Lila played by Lori Bush

Iolaus played by Michael Parker Wolf

Ephiny played by Audrey Conneli

Cyane played by Jill Kingsford

Morrigan played by Rebecca Langham


Ares played by Susan Andrews

Poseidon played by August Krickel

Discord played by Becki

Callisto played by Keith Piddington

Aphrodite played by Keith Piddington

Morpheus played by Joxette

Apollo played by Robert Swarts

Persephone played by Carla

Strife played by Dawn

Hope played by Tiff

Zeus played by Jay Hefferenan

Artemis played by Rebecca Langham

Hades played by Martin Tucker

Hephaestus played by Martin Tucker

Athena played by Becky Dunne

Hestia played by Anna

Hera played by C. Kamin

Hermes played by Dave Findley


Ri ni Conn played by Susan Andrews
Ri, daughter of a Celtic blacksmith, left home at 17 after her father was killed by the army of Dahak being led by Aexcon. She traveled across many miles, seeking her sister, Ciara, in order to tell her of their father's fate. She is 5'10", with thick reddish hair and gray eyes. Her primary weapon is a dual-sided axe her father had made. In addition, from time to time she uses a sword, and throwing daggers, as well as hand-to-hand fighting knowledge.

Draxxis played by Susan Andrews
A thief and former assassin, Draxxis is the cousin of Daelyn and Ael. Think Kevin Kline in "A Fish Called Wanda" and you'll be pretty close. He's trying to be a good and honorable man, but old habits are hard to break. There's always more to him than meets the eye, so be careful!

Diomedes played by August Krickel
Son of Tydeus, Prince of Argos, hero of the Trojan War. Now wandering Greece while his men search the Mediterranean for a new homeland. Known in mythology for wounding the hero Aeneas and the gods Ares and Aphrodite in battle, for slitting any number of throats and stealing much plunder in midnight skulking expeditions with Ulysses, and for being one of the heroes inside the Trojan Horse. He was generally regarded as second only to Achilles in prowess. Height: 6'4", Weight: 245 lbs., Age: 40.

Jason Madison played by Daniel Strickland
Supergenius from 1998. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. Has lost a lot of his friends and family around his lifetime. The most important person he's lost is his girlfriend Sarah Cooks (a reincarnation of Gabrielle). What he doesn't know is that he is the son of Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess (don't ask, a long story) and is destined to stop Dahak under the nickname Keresapa, given to him by his mother. He is now stuck in ancient Greece, his car is wrecked, he has a shotgun, a sameri sword, and a chainsaw for protection, carries a Zippo lighter and a switchblade knife, has his wits to use as another weapon, and is having a rough life. He carries a heart locket that he had bought for Sarah to give her, but the wreck occured, and now he carries it as a reminder. Wears an army jacket, a tie-dye t-shirt, army boots, and blue jeans. He is strong enough (both mind and body) to not give in. Stuck in the past, surrounded by unknown people.... and low on gas.

Daelyn played by Scott Hauenstein
Freed from the depths of evil spawned by the demon Dahak, Daelyn devoted his life to defeating the evil spirit. That led to his meeting Gabrielle of Poteidaia, the woman who had entered his dreams and led him away from darkness. It was with her that his heart found true love, as well as the means to finally defeat the demon once and for all. With Dahak finally destroyed, at the costs of Daelyn's parents, as well as other painful events in his and his friends' lives, his mission to defend against evil continues...

Virix played by Scott Hauenstein
Virix knew of the terrible evil Daelyn was capable of after the his dark secret was learned soon after his birth, but held onto faith that young Daelyn could be steered away from Dahak's nightmarish cult. He openly defied his fellow members of the Council of Olympus, devoted advisors to the Gods, and helped Daelyn learn the ways of the good, the true, the strong. Though Daelyn did slip into the evil created by Dahak, Virix remained faithful that Daelyn could prevail. Now, Virix faces a new challenge, to strengthen Daelyn so he may face his which remains unknown.

Ael played by Scott Hauenstein
Ael spent most of her young life wondering what adventures life had in store for her. Little did she know what she'd find when two adults named Elara and Annorax came to see her one day. They turned out to be the parents of a man named well as her parents. The news came as a shock to her, but she could do no more since she was sworn to secrecy lest a dark fate befall her. Therefore, she continued her adolescence with her adoptive family and her roguish adoptive brother, Draxxis. However, she still yearned to learn more about her true family and brother. Now eighteen, and on her own, she has sought out and found her true brother, Daelyn. Her revelation of the truth behind her origin has created tension between Daelyn and Draxxis, which she vows to resolve, while she begins a new life of adventure...

Klosis played by Carla
Klosis is the little brat of Discord and one of Dahak's sons. He is very nasty and would destory anyone who gets in his way. Even is his own family. He may have a body of a adult but he has a mind of a child. He has the power to show up places and create fire bolts. He can also change shape when needed. He has a lot of hate in him. He has brown hair, green eyes and about 5' 9" in height.

Kayla played by Claire
Kayla is also a victim of Cirrah, like Callisto. She met a cloaked stranger, who gave her Ambrosia after she left the orphanage where she gew up. She never found out who the stranger was - whether a pawn of Ares', or even another God. When she was small, Hercules was her hero. So when her home and her world was dying, she went to Hercules for help. Unfortunatly, on their way to Cirrah, Hercules stopped to help an ambushed family. By the time they reached Cirrah, it was a mere pile of ashes. For a while Kayla didn't really have a direction. Accusing Hercules for the death of her family, she tried to kill him. And failed. So, to try and get some of the revenge she desired, Kayla was pregnant with twins - by Hercules. She used the twins to try and get her revenge. She knew that Hercules would do anything to help get them from her - a power she wanted. Eventually Hercules realized the power Kayla had over him, and gave up looking for his daughters. They are now almost fully grown, and are hidden away in the mountains, and only if Hercules becomes evil can he get them back. Now Kayla has 'grown up' and 'matured'. She no longer seeks revenge on Hercules. Though she still blames him for the death of her family, she has decided that she will not spend her life trying to kill him. With training from Poseidon, she is now likely to become the Gods' Enforcer - doing what Zeus is supposed to and make sure the Gods' obey the rules.

Gabrisca played by Rebecca
Gabrisca is a strong-minded warrior in her mid-twenties. As a child she was Callisto's best friend. Gabrisca's family is very complicated, she was adopted by a lovely family, but they were all killed by Xena in Sirrah. Gabrisca went a bit mad like Callisto and learnt everything of battle she could, but eventually the anger died away and she forgave Xena and became an excellent warrior. Her best skills involve daggers. Gabrisca is naturally Perdicus' sister. She has long red hair and sharp blue eyes. She usually wears an amazon-type outfit. Gabrisca now is in search of her name in history as a hero and of her former best friend Callisto who she can't seem to find anywhere. She's an incredible warrior and a trust-worthy ally.

Lalia played by Brandy Marrs
Lalia is a twenty year old human from Corinth. She ran away from home when she was twelve and became a thief. She was promptly arrested after her first heist and thrown into jail. Through sheer dumb luck she escaped before being executed. She vowed never to steal again (although she hasn't kept it yet) and became a minstrel. Lalia is never seen without her trusty lute strapped to her back. She is a devoted follower of Hermes and Aphrodite and tries to leave offerings whenever she can. She always has several throwing knives on her person and is very good with them. Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, brown pants, black boots and blue tunic.

Allsun played by Anna
Allsun was born in Eire, the daughter of farmers and the younger sister of (you guessed it) more farmers. She left her homeland at a young age to explore the world, only to discover she really did hate something more than farming: oracles. Everywhere she went, some wise woman or seer would rant about her being the "once and future king" of Britania, which of course was and still is utter nonsense as far as Allsun is concerned. She is rather skilled in her own right - she's a decent fighter and a natural strategist - so she doesn't need any oracles telling her how to live her life. Oh, and she's stubborn as a pig, too. Allsun is rather small and slim, with red hair and green eyes. She owns nothing besides a (usually) empty money pouch, a staff, and a golden leaf pendant that an oracle insisted on giving her. She speaks with a heavy Eire accent and likes to get her point across, even if it means trodding on some toes.

Diokos played by Dave Findley
After traveling across the known world as a bard and healer, Diokos came in contact with attitudes about his people that he was unaware of. As a Centaur, he was greeted with hostility, fear and sometimes outright violence. When he confronted his clan elders with a solution to their negative image, he was scoffed at. The Elders believed that if the price for undisturbed living was a sullied reputation, then so be it. Diokos, however, wasn't willing to pay that price. After an angry confrontation, he was cast out of his clan. He now travels Greece, seeking to help those in need, and perhaps change a few minds in the process. While he doesn't believe in violence, and avoids it at any cost, he will defend himself and those he cares about. He stands 15h, with a deep chestnut coat and dark mane/tail, and would be played by Liam Neeson. Well, his torso, anyway. :-)

Ingrid played by Anna
Ingrid is the only daughter of the famous adventurer Sigurd (long lost at sea) and Thordis, a northern warrior woman who would give Xena a run for her money. With parents like that, it's no surprise that Ingrid wants to prove herself. Unfortunately, there is little room in the north for another heroine, so she's off in Greece, learning that some warrior princess is making it hard for her to earn her own reputation; if she hears one more "oh, you fight like Xenia" (or whatever the warrior's name is), she'll hit someone. The only thing that keeps Ingrid from being a menace is the fact that nothing bothers her much. She has no tact whatsoever, but she doesn't so much threaten people as bowl them over. When you're tall and blond and eighteen, it's easy to do that. Ingrid is well over six feet tall, with blond hair and green eyes. Her weapon of choice, a broadsword, is nearly as tall as some of the people she's met. She speaks precisely and with a trace of a Norse accent, and she can't read Greek to save her life.

Elyssa played by Jessica
Elyssa is a young girl, about fifteen, who loves to travel and explore. She comes from a small village known as Gerudia. Gerudia is very small and not many people know of its existance. Elyssa watched her family die when she was about seven. They were slaughtered by a warlord, who was later thought to be killed by Xena. Elyssa is still not sure that this warlord is dead. She set out in search of Xena, hoping that Xena could answer some of her questions. But just as she is on the verge of finding Xena, Elyssa realizes that she does not remember the name of the warlord that killed her parents. She thinks that over time she will remember his name, so she comtinues on her journey to find Xena. Elyssa fights mostly with the sword, but has been known to use the staff and the bow and arrow. She makes do with anything she can find. She stands about 5’8". Her long brown hair hangs to the center of her back. She has green eyes. Elyssa’s attire is similar to that of a peasant, poor and ragged. She wears brown pants and tunic. She also obtained a fair pair of boots from a drunk. Elyssa hopes that Xena can help her one way or the other.

Sylphid played by Kevin Taylor
Many years ago, in the peaceful port of Tognoni, there was a a good and decent man named Sylphid, devoted to his neighbors, his father's shipping business, and his sister Cyane. He admired his sister for what she had become... an Amazon Queen! Unfortunately, her duties kept her from seeing him often.
Sylphid believed in what the humans could do for themselves, and not what the gods could do for them. His beliefs worried the gods, especially Ares, who feared that his beliefs would turn the entire village against him and his siblings, perhaps even more since he sailed to other big ports. The Fates even confirmed his doubts, saying that one day, this young man shall be after them. Ares ploted with some of the other gods, and devastated Tognoni, opening a gateway through time and space (pretty much like the one leading to the Sovereign's world), threw him in and closed the portal. That was the end of their little problem... or so they thought...
Sylphid was now trapped in an oppressing world who's only reference was Naa'too. In a few words, he has been sent to hell. After 4 years of adaption and survival, he was brought back to his native world... Greece! It would seem that the "Powers that be" were keeping an eye on him, and even showed him the way home.
This man had become a survivor, fighting for his life every single day since his disappearance from Tognoni. Surprisingly as it may seem, he managed to get something good of all this: he's now stronger than before... not only physically, but he's more confidant in his beliefs. After all, it may have given him more strength, more endurance, increased his optic senses and given him the ability to shoot optic energy beams from his eyes, but that's no huge compensation for what he lost.
If only the gods knew that by sending Sylphid to Naa'too, they only contributed in making the Fates' prediction come to reality...
And if they should come across his path, well, let's just say they now have a potential match. He may not be a god (much to his content), or even immortal to say the least, but he's definitely worth the attention.
Is he still the young man people of Tognoni grew to admire, or has revenge made him tip to the other side? Only he knows for sure. But for now, the hope of finding his dear sister Cyane, Queen of the Amazons, is the only element occupying his mind. If he only knew Xena killed her a few years back.

Lysia played by Hila Alboher
A retired Aamazon, left her home village after her parents died at the hand of a warlord when she was 14. She later avenged their deathes and then joined the Amazon clan of Hipolitha. A few years later she became Hipolitha's right hand. In one of the attacks on Gargarencia she met a man called Simion and bore his child. Both Lysia's child and husband died in another attack of the Amazons because he refused to give up his daughter to them. After their deaths, Lysia became a petty thief with only the memories of her loved ones.

Faye played by Mariya
Looks: 17/18 year old. 5'7", and 135 pounds. A little below-the-shoulder length hair, which is light brown/auburn sort of color. Her eyes are graying-blue...more on the blue side. She had some muscles and she's very fit, but she has a very innocent look in her face. It's not that she's naive, it's just that she's optimstic (or at least tries to be).
History: Her mother and father died when she was five. Their death was an accident (they were sailing, and there was a big storm. They drowned. During that time, Faye was w/her aunt.) After her death, she stayed with her aunt--Paige, who was an herbist. Faye knows a lot about herbs--which ones are poisonous, which herbs do what, what to do in case you ate a poisonous herb, etc. Her aunt died, of a sickness, when Faye was 15. Faye now travels around, going from village to village and teaches people a little about herbs. She also helps heal whenever there's war. She's basically a healer, not a fighter.
Personality: Even though she's a not a fighter, she knows how to fight (not as good as Xena, but good enough to survive). Her weapon is the staff (very much like Gabrielle's was), and a dagger (used mostly for cooking, but she does use it for fighting.) She tries not to fight a lot...she's a very good runner...but sometimes she just has to. She does kill sometimes, but tries to do it as little as possible, but when she does kill, she doesn't get all worked up. She doesn't kill innocent people. She's tried to be optimistic, but she is not blind to the hardships of life.
Clothing: It's very similar to Gab's old outfit--the brown skirt and green top, but Faye has has a forest green skirt and a brown top, which shows a little less of her stomach. People dont see much of her outfit because she wears an outfit that was very similar to Hope's in Sacrifice II (the red/black/golden robe), but Faye's robe is all black. She hardly ever takes it of, and often wears the hood. On her shoes are brown boots (very much like Gab's). She often wears her hair in a loose pony-tail that she wears with a green ribbon, but she sometimes lets her hair go loose. She has a brown bag, which holds a lot of her spices, rags, and food. She has another bag that she lets her horse carry. Her horse is all black and is named "Nightmare".

Dek played by Zach
14 years old, Dek's parents died when Xena's ex-followers attacked his village. During the attack, Dek hid underground for weeks as the battle raged overhead. One day he came across a scroll, giving him the information he could use to avenge his parents death. It told him how he could change his body into any creature he came across. But even once he had achieved his goal he had seen the destruction in his world and decided to dedicate his life to prevent evil from ruining the lives of others. Dek has long brown hair, medium colored skin and is very irritable, so be careful around him.

Aiden played by Mariya
Appearance: Tall, not too muscular, but not too skinny, raven black hair and deep green eyes. Dark brown pants, black boots, forest green shirt, and a black cape.
History: Mother died giving birth to him. His father blamed him, and kicked Aidan out of his home when he was 9. A poet took him in, and taught Aidan different poetry and philosophy. When Aidan was 15, the poet died. He had to live by himself, and he traveled a lot. He became skilled at sword and the sais. He doesn't use his strength when fighting, but his quick thinking and agility. Even though, he is a fighter, he is also a poet. He travels town to town, teaching people poetry and philosophy.
Personality: Loner. Gets mischevious (very rarely). Is funny-as in he's very sarcastic funny, not the clown-funny.
Age: Early-mid twenties.

Julie played by Mariya
Julia (Julie) is the 13 yr. daughter of a Roman farmer, and she has a brother who lives in Greece. When Julie, her mother, father, and sisters were visiting him, she had a liking for Greece and decided to stay there. She is staying now with her brother, Gaias (typical Roman name) and his wife, Zoe, but she goes back to Rome whenever money and time allows. She hardly ever really is in the village. She usually stays within her village space most of the time, but she hopes she can travel a lot when she gets older (thats why she never wants to get married). She doesn't know how to fight, but she's good when it comes to wits. She doesn't like to talk when she doesn't have anything to say, but when she does, she talks (a lot). She hopes to get somewhere, though, she doesn't know where.
Appearance: 5'4" and 128 pounds. A-little-above-the-waist length straight brown hair (which she alomost always wears in a braid. She wears a long skirted brown dress with a deep red shawl over. On her feet are plain brown shoes (a lot like mocasins).