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Jack of All Trades Theme Song
Click above for the Emmy-nominated theme song, by Joseph LoDuca, or view it below, via YouTube.

Jack on DVD

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Now that the show has been off the air for five years, fan sites, archived articles and interviews are all slowly fading away from the internet. Below are links to virtually all that are left. But be sure to visit the new vibrant discussion forum for the show linked directly below!


Complete Episode Guide
Complete Episode Guide

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Archive of the show's Official Site

Official Forums
silhouette Jack shot
Archived Message Board at Studios USA

Cast and Crew

Bruce Campbell

Stephen Papps Angela Dotchin Stuart Devenie

Stephen Papps' IMDB Bio Angie Dotchin's IMDB Bio Stuart Devenie's IMDB Bio

"Women's Weekly" Interview w/Angie Dotchin

IGN's "Babe of the Day" Profile of Angie

For babelicious modeling pictures of Angie, click here:
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Episode Director Josh Becker

Composer Joseph LoDuca

Suave Bruce the Swashbuckler
12/16/00 Chat Transcript of "Governor Croque's Christmas Party!"

1/14/2000 Bruce Campbell Chat Transcript!

Text of TV Guide Chat w/ Bruce Campbell (courtesy of Tom's Xena Page)

Text of 3/2 Sci Fi Channel Chat w/ Bruce and Angie

Fan Web Pages

Save Jack Campaign!
(This is an archived copy of the site for our valiant attempt to save the show!)

HBKid's awesome Jack site

(in Czech!)

Jordi's Site

Margui's site

Angie's Site!
The "Jack of All Trades" Repository

Em's Daydreams (Teenage Scully's Site)

Melody's Jack of All Trades Library

"Jack and Em's Boudoir"

Ashtolycus's One-Liner Page!

The Home of Bruce

The Highwayman Site, by Clio

John and Audra's Page

Ze Daring Dragoon!
Kathie's Jack Page

Fascinating Brazilian Site (in Portuguese) that replicates the "look" of the old SUSA site!

Links to Reviews and Articles

Original Press Release from Ren Pics

Sci-Fi Weekly's Review of Both Shows

TV Guide Article on Bruce Campbell and "Jack"

Comic Sutra Review of "Jack"

TV Guide Preview of Season Two

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