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The entire series is now available on DVD in Region 1 (US and Canada) format; details can be found here.

Click here to order the first 7 episodes on dvd - IF you live in the UK or Europe, that is!

If, however, you live in Australia, it appears you can purchase the entire series on dvd here.

And if you live in the Hong Kong Market, you can get the "Cleopatra 2525 - Space Angels" dvd set here.

Save Cleo Site!
(The site of our abortive attempt to save the show)

Official Forums
Archives of the Official Cleo Forum at Studios USA

Archive of the the Official Site at Studios USA (courtesy of

Complete Episode Guide
Complete Episode Guide

For babelicious pics of Jennifer Sky, click here:
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And for similarly luscious ones of Vicky Pratt, click here:
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And here's Vicky's Official Site:

And here are two incredible sites for Jennifer Sky:

Beautiful Jen

Russian Language Fan Site

Click below for the official site for Gina Torres:

And here is the offical site for Patrick Kake:

And below is the site for Jennifer Sky's new fashion label, Vanitas of California:

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Interviews and Chat Transcripts:

1/17/00 Sci-Fi Chat with Gina Torres
1/18/00 Sci-Fi Chat with Jennifer Sky
January 2000 Sc-Fi Chat with Vicky Pratt
February 2000 TV Guide Chat with Gina Torres
April 2000 TV Guide Chat With Vicky Pratt
Transcript of the Spring 2000 Maxim Chat with Jennifer Sky (courtesy of
LA Times review of both shows
TV Guide snippet from Spring 2000
Cinescape mini-profile of Vicky Pratt
Comic Sutra Review of "Cleo"

Miscellaneous Fan Web Sites

Mysteria Cleo Site (in Czech!)

the babelicious, perky Goth Darkamber's site
Darkamber's Cleo Site (with links to the Cleopatra 2525 Role Play Game)

Brazilian Fan Site (in Portuguese!)

Aida's site
Aida's Wonderful Cleo Site

(replicating the "look" of the Official Studios USA site, and preserved here thanks to

this is only an archived version

HBKid's Supremely Cool Cleo Site!

Davin and Cody's Cleo Site

Wonderful Italian Fan Site

T.T.H.'s Cleopatra 2525 Realm (in German)

Dynamic Cleo Trio

C.l.e.o.p.a.t.r.a 2525 Fan Page

also only an archived version

Kitana's Catacombs

RainaRose's Lair

XenaBird's Official Unofficial Cleo2525 Shrine

Cleo armed!
Sarge`s Cleopatra 2525 Site

Cleopatra 2525 Resistance Archive

The Cleo Closet

Cleopatra 2525 @

The Nameless Cleopatra 2525 Site

Bradley's Aussie Cleo Site

Jennifer, back in her General Hospital Days
Some Pre-Cleo Photos of Jennifer Sky

Link to the official site for the Sci-Fi Channel's reruns of Cleopatra 2525 (currently not airing)

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